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ZoomScheduler is powerful management and scheduling software designed with your driving school in mind, so you can spend more time growing your business and less time managing daily schedules. ZoomScheduler addresses the major challenges facing driving schools today.

  • Online Booking / Gift Certificates
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Automatic Reminders (Text / Email)
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Track Lessons by Service / Time
  • Manage Pre-licensing Class
  • Manage Defensive Class
  • Manage Multiple Locations
  • Fleet Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Print Invoice / Receipts / Contracts
  • Customize Email Notifications
  • Document Storage
  • Website Integration
  • Quickbook Integration
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Provides real-time insight to key metrics about your school. Information in the dashboard is updated constantly to provide valuable analytics into daily activities.
  • Number of appointments for the day.
  • How many appointments are confirmed and/or cancelled.
  • Number of text/email reminders sent.
  • Number of appointments by services.
  • Number of appointments by instructors.
  • Online booking activity.
  • YTD Sales Online vs In-Store.
  • Projected income.
  • Students by license type.
Student Card
Record and manage student's demographics. Student's progress cards are updated automatically as you and your staff perform daily tasks.
  • Student's demographics.
  • Behind-the-wheel lessons and services log.
  • Contract/Agreement details.
  • View balance due.
  • Receipts and payments ledger.
  • View number of lessons completed.
  • Current package details.
  • Road Test appointment details.
  • Passed/Failed Road test.
  • View list of upcomming appointments.
  • Manage notes.
  • Upload Documents.
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Appointment Scheduling
Schedule appointments for behind-the-wheel lessons, road tests and other services. Each appointment can include details for student pick-up, road test location, next lesson number and contact information.

Eliminate Appointment Conflicts

Avoid appointment conflicts with up-to-date staff availability information and immediately see and correct any conflicts due to overlapping appointment.

Prevent Free Lessons

ZoomScheduler prevents your staff from scheduling lessons for those students who have balance due and/or number of lessons purchased has been reached.

Track Lessons by Service/Time

ZoomScheduler can be configured to track lessons by service type or by total number of minutes purchased.

Multiple Staff Schedulers

Your staff has access to instructor's schedules and make necessary changes.

Multiple Schedule Views

Your staff can view the schedule how they want. Select from multiple views including daily, weekly, monthly and agenda.

Print Schedules

ZoomScheduler allows you to quickly print hard copies of schedules for your instructors.
Progress Log
A history of all lessons, charges and payments is maintained automatically as your staff works with students.
  • Log of each lesson.
  • Each lesson can be rated using 1-5 rating scale.
  • History of all charges and payments.
  • Assessment of No-show fees.
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Generate and print contracts.
  • Contracts are consecutively numbered automatically.
  • Indicate the type(s) of lessons, lectures, tutoring or instruction to be rendered.
  • Fee to be charged.
  • Have the signature of the student.
  • Have signature of the owner of the school or authorized representative.
  • The fine print verbiage is fully customizable.
  • Can be customized for your state.
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Invoices / Receipts
Generate and print invoices and receipts.
  • Receipts are consecutively numbered automatically.
  • Receipt number can be entered manually.
  • Indicate the type(s) of lessons, services to be rendered.
  • Fee to be charged.
  • Have the signature of the student.
  • Have signature of the owner of the school or authorized representative.
  • Process payments via Authorize.Net.
  • Customizable fine print verbiage.
  • Can be customized for your state.
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Gift Certificates
Sell and manage gift certifcates for any occasion.
  • Sell gift certificates online.
  • Log and manage gift certificates from another system.
  • Create and customize templates for any occasion.
  • Terms and conditions are fully customizable.
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International / Multilingual
ZoomScheduler provides support for language and regional settings.
  • Language preference by country.
  • Support for local time zone.
  • Support for regional date and currency formats.
Notifications are sent automatically as a way to keep your students engaged during the learning process.
  • Appointment reminders are sent via text and email 24 or 72 hours in advance.
  • Welcome emails are sent for new students.
  • Congratulation emails are sent when students pass the road test.
  • Happy birthday email.
The content and layout of the notifications are fully customizable.

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Pre-Licensing / Defensive Class
Manage pre-licensing / defensive classes with ease. Enrolling students is as simple as drag and drop.
  • Switch calendar between monthly and weekly views.
  • Keep track of number of students enrolled.
  • Add students with no package directly from the enrollment screen.
  • Assign certificate number.
  • Print attendance roster .
  • Bulk update student progress report automatically upon completing class.
Document Storage
Go paperless by uploading copies of important documents, completed forms and images with ease. Documents are organized inside each student card.
  • Documents are secured and accessible from anywhere.
  • Documents can be attached to emails.
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DMV Forms
Auto-fill and print DMV forms automatically when student is under age.
  • New York.
  • Pennsylvania.
  • South Carolina.
  • Washington.
Do not see your state's DMV form? Send us a request.
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    NY DMV-262

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Print daily, weekly, monthly and yearly receipt ledgers. Keep track of student payments and balances.
  • Receipt Ledger.
  • Receipt Audit.
  • Instructor Payroll.
  • Electronic Payments Report.
  • Sales Report by Services.
  • Appointments by Instructors.
  • Road Tests Report.
  • Pre-Licensing Class Report.
Services Management
Create and manage services for your driving school. Each service can have:
  • Duration (in minutes)
  • Price.
  • No-Show fee.
  • Cancellation fee.
  • Fee paid to instructor.
  • Color to easily identify service on the scheduler.
Package Management
Create and manage packages by combining services to provide best value for your students.
Instructor Management
Manage instructors with ease and flexibility. Instructors can:
  • Access personal calendars from anywhere.
  • Manage working hours, time-off and vacation time.
  • Pay instructors using hourly rate or by service.
  • Mark lessons as "Completed" or "No-Show"
  • Can be color-coded for easy identification on the calendar.
School owners can set payroll fee for each service based on instructor's experience level.
Fleet Management
Manage vehicle fleet with ease.
  • Vehicle Inventory.
  • Track service and repairs.
  • Schedule and assign vehicle among instructors.
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QuickBooks Integration

ZoomScheduler integrates with Intuit QuickBooks with ease.

  • Import sales invoices.
  • Import payment receipts.
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Additional Features

These features are included in your subscription plan.

Custom Changes
You like what you see but need custom changes? We are committed to making ZoomScheduler fit your specific needs at no extra cost.
Remote Access
Manage your driving school from anywhere at anytime from desktops and mobile devices. Instructors can also access their schedules from anywhere.
Access Control
Create and manage users. Control user access to features by assigning them roles.

Mobile Device Access

Instructors and students can access their personal schedules from anywhere.

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Pricing Plans

ZoomScheduler is licensed on a monthly subscription basis, with prices based on the number of locations / users.


  • $49 monthly fee.
  • 1 Location
  • Up to 3 users
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited reminders
  • Free student accounts
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  • $98 monthly fee.
  • 2 Locations
  • Up to 6 users
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited reminders
  • Free student accounts
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  • $147 monthly fee.
  • 3 Locations
  • Up to 9 users
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited reminders
  • Free student accounts
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You can purchase additional locations for $49 each per month. Each location includes 3 user accounts.

You can purchase additional users for $10 each per month.

All student accounts are free.

Additional charges for international SMS will apply.


Join the growing list of satisfied customers enjoying the powerful features of ZoomScheduler.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

ZoomScheduler is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secured and reliable cloud services platform that provides computing power, database storage, content delivery and growth scalability.


ZoomScheduler relies on Microsoft SQL Database, built for mission-critical applications, to store and manage your driving school data.

Microsoft SQL provides highly secured envrionment, optimized, scalable and reliable performance.

Online Payments

ZoomScheduler integrates seamlessly with the industry leaders online payment processors. Learn More.

Backup Strategy

ZoomScheduler uses Amazon S3 to backup your driving school data. Amazon S3 provides a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage. Your data is redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities in an Amazon S3 region.

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