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Features Overview

ZoomScheduler is powerful management and scheduling software designed with your driving school in mind, so you can spend more time growin your business and less time managing daily schedules. ZoomScheduler addresses the major challenges facing driving schools today.

  • Student Management/Portal
  • Schedule Management
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Online Booking/Payment
  • Student Progress Report
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Scan License/Permit for fast onboarding
  • Automatic Reminders (Text / Email)
  • Automatic Cancellation Reminders
  • Automatic Road-Test Passed Notification
  • Automatic Happy Birthday Email
  • View Student Notes/Activity Log
  • Road-Test Passed/Birthday Notifications
  • Manage Pre-licensing Class
  • Email Zoom Meeting for Class
  • Manage Defensive Class
  • Manage Multiple Locations
  • Fleet Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Manage Vacation/Time Off/Holidays
  • Gift Certificates
  • Manage User Access
  • Print Invoice / Receipts / Contracts
  • Payment Report
  • Payroll Report
  • Customize Email Notifications
  • Document Upload
  • Third-Party Testing (TPT)
  • Website Integration
  • Quickbook Integration
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The dashboard provides real-time insight to key metrics about your driving school. Information in the dashboard is updated constantly to provide valuable analytics into daily activities.
  • Number of appointments for the day.
  • How many appointments are confirmed and/or cancelled.
  • Number of text/email reminders sent.
  • Number of appointments by services.
  • Number of appointments by instructors.
  • Online booking activity.
  • YTD Sales Online vs In-Store.
  • Projected income.
  • Students by license type.
Schedule Management
Schedule appointments for behind-the-wheel lessons, road tests and other services. Each appointment includes details for student pick-up and drop-off location, road test date/time and location, next lesson number and contact information.

Smart Scheduling

Our auto-suggest feature will save traveling time by suggesting the instructor closest to pickup location of new appointment being scheduled.

Eliminate Appointment Conflicts

Avoid appointment conflicts with up-to-date staff availability information and immediately see and correct any conflicts due to overlapping appointment.

Track Lessons by Time

ZoomScheduler can be configured to track lessons by time, allowing staff to schedule 30-minute or 45-minute lessons according to student's availability.

Multiple Staff Schedulers

Your staff has access to instructor's schedules and make necessary changes.

Multiple Schedule Views

Your staff can view the schedule how they want. Select from multiple views including daily, weekly, monthly and agenda.

Instructor Portal

Instructors can access their schedules from their mobile devices 24/7.
Print option is available.

Student/Parent Portal

Students and parents can access and book lessons from mobile devices 24/7.
Staff can email/text upcoming appointments to students.
Print option is available.
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Generate and print contracts.
  • Contracts are consecutively numbered automatically.
  • Indicate the type(s) of lessons, lectures, tutoring or instruction to be rendered.
  • Fee to be charged.
  • Have the signature of the student.
  • Have signature of the owner of the school or authorized representative.
  • The fine print verbiage is fully customizable.
  • Can be customized for your state.
Invoices / Receipts
Generate and print invoices and receipts.
  • Receipts are consecutively numbered automatically.
  • Receipt number can be entered manually.
  • Indicate the type(s) of lessons, services to be rendered.
  • Fee to be charged.
  • Have the signature of the student.
  • Have signature of the owner of the school or authorized representative.
  • Process payments via Authorize.Net.
  • Customizable fine print verbiage.
  • Can be customized for your state.
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Gift Certificates
Sell and manage gift certifcates for any occasion.
  • Sell gift certificates online.
  • Log and manage gift certificates from another system.
  • Create and customize templates for any occasion.
  • Terms and conditions are fully customizable.
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Notifications are sent automatically as a way to keep your students engaged during the learning process.
  • Appointment reminders are sent via text and email 24 or 72 hours in advance.
  • Welcome emails are sent for new students.
  • Congratulation emails are sent when students pass the road test.
  • Happy birthday email.
The content and layout of the notifications are fully customizable.

Document Storage
Go paperless by uploading copies of important documents, completed forms and images with ease. Documents are organized inside each student card.
  • Documents are secured and accessible from anywhere.
  • Documents can be attached to emails.
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Print daily, weekly, monthly and yearly receipt ledgers. Keep track of student payments and balances.
  • Receipt Ledger.
  • Receipt Audit.
  • Instructor Payroll.
  • Electronic Payments Report.
  • Sales Report by Services.
  • Appointments by Instructors.
  • Road Tests Report.
  • Pre-Licensing Class Report.
Fleet Management
Manage vehicle fleet with ease.
  • Vehicle Inventory.
  • Track service and repairs.
  • Schedule and assign vehicle among instructors.
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QuickBooks Integration

ZoomScheduler integrates with Intuit QuickBooks with ease.

  • Import sales invoices.
  • Import payment receipts.
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